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ImageThis website provides a comprehensive alternative to the existing game systems. It is an evolution of the Star Wars: Saga Edition merged and converged with the best concepts and content from the fantasy game worlds provided by the multitude of Dungeons & Dragons editions that came out throughout the years. The DDSE system innovates on numerous fronts, but it is safe to assume that unless specified otherwise, the rules take their logic and origin in the Saga System rules. We hope that you will enjoy using our system, and we are enthusiastic about expanding the corpus of available materials. We are convinced DDSE is the best tabletop RPG experience ever created for the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Give it a try, you'll see! If you feel like contributing to this epic fan-based non-profit effort, for the benefit of gamers worldwide, please consider joining our forums, to submit your ideas!

Upcoming Content

Here is a quick listing of the materials being contemplated for inclusion in the near future.

Prestige Classes

The following prestige classes are being considered for inclusion:
  • Inventor: A technological craftsman who powers his creations & devices magically.


The following new talent trees are planned:
  • Defender: Dwarven Warden, Dwarven Hero.
  • Druid: Druidic Council.
  • Gladiator: Showmanship, Revolutionary Leader.
  • Inventor: Design, Assembly, Weaponry, Transportation.
  • Necromancer: Lichdom, Unholy Pact.
  • Paladin: Holy Servant.
  • Wizard: High Magic.


The following spells will be added in the near future:
  • Arcane: Clairvoyance, Contingency, Disjunction, Frostbite, Shapechange, Web.
  • Divine: Blasphemy, Freedom, Forbiddance, Implosion.
  • Universal: Daylight, Drain, Etherealness, Freeze, Help, Fumble, Message, Projection, Tongues, Wish.

Website Music

Please note that you can ensure the music stream functions by following these simple steps:
  • Click on the Full-Screen button.
  • Click the play button right in the middle of the screen.
  • Press escape or click the Full-Screen button again to exit Full-Screen mode.

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